Network Engineer

Sprious is seeking a passionate, self-motivated, highly-flexible, and driven Network Engineer to take ownership of our network infrastructure by focusing on architecture-level work, as well as fine tuning our system improvements and helping with our monitoring system. The ideal candidate is able to work with Juniper/JunOS and has experience with infrastructure maintenance.

If you’re looking to be a cog in a corporate machine, look elsewhere. But if you’re a self-starter who wants to create for one of Lincoln’s fastest-growing new technology companies, you’re in the right place!

We want YOU to systematically manage our IP addresses. We want YOU to help us improve network security and implement improved monitoring for key events. We want YOU to help drive growth through management of our critical tech resources.

We offer a competitive salary along with a generous benefits package that includes a 401(k) match and company-paid health insurance, plus voluntary vision & dental. Plus: smoothies, kegs, ping pong, pool, daily meditation, Smash Brothers tournaments on a HUGE television, access to the Cigar Lounge, your choice of a sitting or standing desk, a free parking pass at a Haymarket Garage that’s only a stone’s throw from the Pinnacle Bank Arena, and free books! That’s right – request any book through the Sprious Reads program and we will buy it for you. We’d like to see the corporate machine beat THAT.

For the position itself we have some basic requirements (see below), but we are looking first and foremost for a culture and values fit. If you’re driven by getting in on the ground floor of networking architecture and helping mold the future of Sprious’ network at all layers, and determined to improve yourself and those around you both personally and professionally, then come and join the dynamic team at Sprious!



  • Maintain our entire network infrastructure (Juniper/JunOS). Currently only one other network engineer on our team that supports our multi-location infrastructure.
  • IP address management: including adding & removing IPs, managing in phpIPAM, etc.
  • Improving our network security: implementing a multi-layer security strategy
  • Implementing monitoring for catching events that should be investigated such as intrusions, high network load, etc.
  • Working on security protections including logging intrusions, creating periodic security reports, identifying and patching vulnerabilities in the network at all layers
  • Defining the process for provisioning IPs on our network after they are purchased and ensuring they are correctly allocated/assigned through ARIN/RIPE/AFRINIC/etc.



  • At least 3 years of networking experience
  • Experience with Layer 1-4 network security, preferred, but not required
  • JunOS preferred, but not required
  • Linux experience 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • A consistent willingness to ask thoughtful, probing questions
  • High personal integrity and character
  • Ability to take and understand commitments to deliver the product on time


This is not a remote position – we are seeking a candidate that is able to work in the Lincoln, NE office for this role. However, we are temporarily allowing our employees to work from home during the ongoing pandemic.


Salary: $60,000-75,000

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Employment Type
Full Time
Job Location
Lincoln, NE