Max’s Week of Relaxation in Gdansk

As part of our company’s ‘experience stipend’ program, my wife and I recently took a seven-day trip to Gdansk, Poland.

We planned this trip to help us recharge, but we haven’t planned any specific activities.

Gdansk is a charming city on the Baltic coast, as well as it is within the country we live in. We assumed it would be a perfect place for a week of relaxation. Unlike typical vacations filled with activities, we chose a more laid-back approach. The absence of home chores and work allowed us to fully unwind and enjoy each other’s company.

We spent our days walking through the historic Old Town, seeing the beautiful architecture, and trying local cuisine at different cafes. The atmosphere of the city, city parks, and the refreshing sea breeze made our walks especially enjoyable. 

A highlight of our trip was experiencing a drawbridge for the first time. We also enjoyed a ride on the Ferris wheel, which provided great panoramic views of the city from above, making us appreciate Gdansk’s beauty even more. In the evenings we enjoyed the vibrant nightlife and sampling regional delicacies and a short walk near the city canals.


This trip highlighted the importance of work-life balance. It reminded us of the value of taking time to disconnect from daily routines and reconnect with ourselves and our loved ones. The ability to step away from our responsibilities and immerse ourselves in a new environment was incredibly important and refreshing (kudos to everyone who made it possible for me not to worry about the work during the trip). I return to work feeling recharged and more focused, ready to take on new challenges with renewed energy. 

In summary, our relaxing trip to Gdansk not only provided a much-needed break but also highlighted the positive impact of getting time to recharge and support a healthy work-life balance. I encourage all my colleagues, if possible, to take advantage of this fantastic program and experience the effects for themselves.