Meet Carla Gonzalez!

Hello! My name is Carla Gonzalez, and I am the Staff Accountant at Sprious. I actively work with the Finance Director to ensure that Sprious financial needs are being met. In more detail, I oversee day-to-day financial operations, bookkeeping, on-demand financial tasks, and keeping the Sprious team updated on all the financial developments they need to succeed.


About me: I was born in Merida, Venezuela, which is surrounded by mountains and has an elevation of 5,348 feet (1,641 meters). I grew up around a competitive and athletic family- my dad represented Venezuela at many international triathlons including the Olympic Games in 2000 and 2004, so I was introduced to sports at a very young age and started swimming at the age of 3. My family and I moved to Valencia, Spain in 2006 where I continued to evolve my swimming career. I returned to Venezuela in 2010, and then in 2012, it was time to move again.

We moved to Texas, United States in September of 2012 and I started high school without knowing English. I worked hard to improve my English and my swimming career, and soon enough, I understood the language. I had great swimming improvement and I was selected to be part of the Venezuelan National Team in 2014 and had the opportunity to represent Venezuela at various international competitions.

I had a passion to continue studying and swimming at a higher level, so I decided to pursue my swimming career in college hoping to make the Venezuelan Olympic Team by 2020. I was recruited to swim at different universities, but the University of Nebraska-Lincoln was my number one pick. Right before starting college, I was trying to make the Olympic Team in 2016, so I traveled to France for a qualification swim competition but unfortunately missed the team by less than half a second.

I started college in 2016 pursuing an International Business degree, but after taking my first Accounting and Finance classes I realized my passion for numbers so I changed my major to Accounting and added a second major, Finance. Being a student-athlete helped me to develop valuable skills, time management, teamwork, dedication, and hard work. Unfortunately, I was not able to accomplish my goal to make the Olympic Team in 2020 but I was able to have my name on the school record board. After the conclusion of my swimming senior year, I decided to focus on my professional career and retire from the sport.

I found an opportunity to pursue my career as a Staff Accountant at a private accounting firm, mostly working on tax preparation and financial statements review and compilation. After almost a year, I decided I wanted to work at a place that I could expand my knowledge, develop my professional and personal career, and had a welcoming culture, which led me to Sprious!