Meet CJ Happold!

Sprious’ new Business Development Manager introduces himself in his own words


Hmmmm a little bit about me…..sounds easy right?

I have lived in Lincoln for the past 20 years and it’s amazing how much the city has changed. I spent my fair share of time in college and I am pretty sure if the Railyard hangout spot was around when I was in school that I would probably still be at UNL….15th year Senior has a sweet ring to it. 

I have been working in sales for the past 15+ years and love everything about it. Previous to that I worked for Dad’s accounting firm….but for those of you that know me and my ADD, it didn’t take long to figure out I wasn’t built for tax season. I like being in communication with people, whether face to face or over the phone. It’s just the way I am built. 

I have 3 kids and on most days I like them….they keep me busy with their extra curricular activities and I seemed to get roped into coaching a sport or two throughout the year. They say they keep you young, but dang I feel old most days. Ha!

In my free time I am pretty much a homebody but do enjoy making it out to a golf course or trying new restaurants around Lincoln and Omaha.

What I like most about Sprious?

The culture, the atmosphere, the people. The team at Sprious are what excites me the most about this company. Innovative thinkers that are goal and team oriented….and are fun too! It is pretty exciting to be a part of Sprious and big things are coming soon.

My role is to help connect Sprious with those that are looking for a hosting platform. It’s been fun “bird dogging” potential leads and reaching out to them to make that intro connection between our company and theirs.