Meet Colby Dunbar!

Hello, my name is Colby. I am a Kansas native but have somehow found myself in Lincoln, Nebraska. I, unlike most, fell in love with the art of negotiation at a very young age. I come from a family built on business and sales. It all started when I was 15 years old, working in my grandmother’s laundry mat. I had the job of handing out change for customers to get their laundry done. One day a gentleman had come in looking to exchange 10 dollars in pennies for quarters. Without hesitation, I went ahead and helped him out. Little did I know that those pennies would be the start of my sales career. I found out that these pennies were unique, unlike any other, as they were older coins from 1929. Crazy, I know! Who has coins from that long ago? I was curious if something this old had value, and that prompted me to reach out to my local coin dealer, who was only a quick walk from my grandmother’s shop. I believe this is where I found my start when it came to talking and negotiating–walking into that shop at 15 years old, not knowing that what I had thought was only ten dollars was actually a large sum of money.

I then went into my mentor’s shop day-in and day-out to learn more about the numismatics world. I would help when I could and learn as much as the coin dealer would let me. The world of coins opened my eyes to other opportunities. I had wanted to continue what I was learning with him so that one day I would have the chance to engage with customers and help bring a smile to people’s faces.

I had decided late in my high school career that helping and putting smiles on people’s faces was my strong suit, which led me to attend KCKCC, a community college in the lowest income district in Kansas. I excelled at my time there by using my voice to help others who did not have their voices heard. During my second year, the ball started to turn. I became student senate president, which allowed me to reach out to my fellow students and find their exact needs to excel in life. I cherish every moment and individual that crossed paths with me at KCKCC.

After attending college and unsure what or where I wanted to start my life, it led me to a ton of different opportunities; I had spent some time working for various companies making sales. I had then had the chance to start selling insurance while we were in a worldwide pandemic. I knew deep down that sales is something I would never be able to shake, and I just needed to find the right place to continue my career. I had moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, during the pandemic, hoping to continue my college education, but that was just not the option.

I found Sprious after being in Lincoln for about three months; I must say that this company is the best blessing I have encountered in my life so far. We are a family, if I must say the least. I have been working here for about five months, and I’m always finding ways to improve my knowledge and gain personal and professional skills at the same time. I must say it was a shock to find a company that cared about its employees. I know most say this, but in the end, they never really follow through. I hope to continue my career here for as long as they let me.

P.S. My team rocks.