Meet Corbin Oppegard!

Sprious’ new Account Manager introduces himself in his own words

As the new Account Manager here at Sprious, I would just like to risk it all and state for the record that the name of the position does not do the job justice. Honestly, it sounds very one-sided, like your future as a customer depends solely on what direction I decide to take you in—like some kind of grand puppet scheme to fit you into our business model. I don’t like that.

Business is a relationship and anyone in any sort of relationship knows that forming one is the easy part. It’s easy to meet someone and find a spark or common ground that you can relate to and be excited about. After you get a couple of months into the relationship, true colors come out; suddenly, maintaining that relationship and managing it becomes very important. You have to act with intent and empathy – and this is exactly how I see Account Management.

Humans want to feel important and valued in every sense of the words. In a business model that is fairly transactional, it can be easy to stay focused on bringing in more and more customers – and don’t get me wrong, that is easily the fastest way to grow – but it is equally important to focus on retention, and on reducing churn as much as possible. You need to be active in keeping relationships with customers fresh, making sure you are performing for them, and also helping them find ways to grow their own business. Every single customer of ours is equally important to us, and it is my job to show them that. Finding and nurturing growth while also simply maintaining and convincing people it is worth staying is my whole job. Or so I’ve been told.

As for myself, I am a cornfed Lincoln native, born and raised. When I was going through high school and looking forward to college, I was ready to get out of Nebraska. I thought I would leave and never look back. But when it finally came to decision time, my heart won out and wouldn’t let me leave Husker Football Saturdays behind. I had been working every single home game since 7th grade, and if you ever had the pleasure of buying a slice of Valentino’s pizza in the North Stadium at a Husker game from an awkwardly-tall red-headed kid, you already know me. I switched it up, and now I was in the student section, finally able to watch the entire game, over-tipping anyone brave enough to try and sell pizza to the broke college kids.

Fast forward through a couple of degree changes and a nice victory lap stretching college into a very full five and a half years, and I found myself looking for a job post-graduation in a global pandemic. A great mix to ease the mind of a clueless kid with a business degree in an already stressful situation.

Luckily, I found Sprious. A tech startup that I still can’t quite explain to my grandmother. A small company with a lot of heart. An exciting new start. Sprious is a company that I feel at home with. Because after a month the people are genuine and the company is exciting. And because I feel poised to make an immediate difference for both customers and our company.