Meet Dalton Ondracek!

What’s up, everyone! My name’s Dalton Ondracek, and I’m the new member of the sales team here at Sprious. (Yes, I can’t believe they hired me either.)

Home for me is a small town in North Dakota called Valley City. If any of you have lived in a small town, you understand how it works. If you just want to grab eggs from the grocery store, it turns into a two-hour hiatus of conversing with the locals about how their dog is doing. That is by far not the part I miss the most during my short time in Lincoln. When it comes to that, I just miss doing stuff with my friends that ultimately would make you question our sanity. (A 1988 Oldsmobile packed full of grown men plus an ice-covered parking lot with a mound of snow on the other side doesn’t mix, to say the least.)

I’m a very competitive person when it comes to everything and anything. A life built around sports will do that to a fella. Once I figured out that the NBA wasn’t the answer (never was going to be the answer), I turned to the life of sales. Throughout my short journey in the workplace, I’ve learned to communicate and connect with people to try and figure out answers to their needs and wants. With this experience, I’m confident that I can help provide data solutions to Sprious customers.

By far my favorite location in the world is my family’s lake cabin in Minnesota. If you can hang for a weekend on the boat and at the sandbar with us, I would tip my cap. It never disappoints, and I can’t wait to go back up. 

Enough boring stuff about me. If you have an idea for a good time, hit me up. I’m the person who is always, and I mean ALWAYS down for an adventure!

Before I drop the mic on this bio, I want to give a shoutout to everyone who helped me get to this spot. I’m always a joyful guy, but in all seriousness, this opportunity in Nebraska and the people I’ve met here have made me the happiest person. Normally not a soft guy, so soak that up while you can.