Meet Hope Anderson!

Sprious’ new Administrative Assistant introduces herself in her own words

Hello, everyone!  My name is Hope Anderson and I am a new hire for the People Ops team as an administrative assistant.  I am hoping that my colorful academic and professional backgrounds have prepared me for my position here!  I’m a woman of many hats, meaning I am a person who likes to be involved in a little bit of everything.  I have a background in administration, entrepreneurial experience through owning my own photography business for eight years, and exposure to international relations during my time at the University of Nebraska.  I’m a very adventurous person who is always ready to try new things and learn new skills.  I’ve always wanted to be a part of a true team environment that is open to innovation and growth, so being a part of Sprious is incredibly exciting!

My brain organizes itself in lists, so I thought I’d give you a snapshot of my background by listing some highlights!

Professional and Academic Background:

  • I studied Art History with a specialization in Asian art at the University of Nebraska.  I graduated with minors in art, Asian studies, and global studies in May of 2019.  
  • Working with students at the University of Nebraska to help them navigate the studying abroad experience.  This included giving presentations to prospective students and teaching classes on Japanese language and culture.
  • Photographing weddings, families, portraits, babies, births…you name it, I’ve photographed it! (probably)  
  • Working at the main gong (and singing bowl!) supply warehouse in the United States as a product photographer.
  • Jumped head first into an English teaching internship in Tokyo, Japan with no previous teaching experience or knowledge of how to work with middle school students.
  • Working with young African leaders through the YALI government program that provides young entrepreneurs, social activists and nonprofit organizers the tools they will need to be successful with their business endeavors.

Who is Hope?

In order to understand who I am as a person, I think it is important to share a little bit about my family.  I would liken us to the Weasleys in Harry Potter or maybe the family from My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  I’m very close with my family and we’re always involved with each other’s lives.  My parents, as social activists and artists, fostered a very creative environment for me and my siblings growing up.  This definitely had a great impact on my interests and hobbies.

My personal life is not very far removed from my professional and academic life.  I am always looking for learning opportunities and trying new things.  I love to experiment with new artistic techniques.  Recently I’ve been working on my concrete sculpture skills by casting leaves and painting them.  I also enjoy origami, photography, painting, and digital art.  Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have started gardening, diving into creative projects, and investing in self-care.  My dog, Greta, and I are incredibly close.  She has been my primary companion during the pandemic and definitely provides me with emotional support during these weird times.  

Pre-pandemic you could find me at any music-based event in the Lincoln area, art gallery openings, and movie premieres.  I’m recently fully vaccinated, so hopefully I can start to slowly return to that lifestyle!

To wrap up my introduction, I thought I’d share a little list of facts about me:

  • Disabled and uses a cane
  • Loves Indian food
  • Favorite Movie: the Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  • Mental health advocate
  • BLM supporter
  • Feminist
  • Favorite color is pink
  • Always wears black