Our Mission


“Seeking growth in business, community and life for our employees & clients by crafting unique, life-enriching companies”


Our Competitive Advantage

Sprious is a holding company with a focus on technology.  This means that we are technology and business nerds building companies and products we are both passionate about and that align with our competitive advantages.  We’ve found that one of our greatest competitive advantages is our ability to make a great impact on the lives of our employees and clients.  


Creating Powerful and Streamlined Solutions

Because our employees and clients fit the same mold (technologists), we are able to bring real and lasting impact on their lives through the joint creation of brilliant companies and products.  The people who are attracted to working at Sprious are passionate and purpose-driven people who love to create amazing things. Our clients tend to be similar in nature, and because of this, we are empowered to create products that make their offerings more powerful and streamlined.


Scraping Robot (one of our companies)

One example of Sprious’ brilliant solutions is our newest product offering: Scraping Robot.  Scraping Robot is empowering our clients to automate mass data collection.  For our clients, many of which are startups – this allows them to focus on more pressing issues while alleviating them and their teams from tedious manual processes and data accumulation – something that, at times, was requiring the full-time attention of several salaried employees.

Through Scraping Robot, we are helping many companies move faster and capture greater market share –  thanks to the major competitive advantage we present.

To us, Scraping Robot is at the core of what we find to be fulfilling work.  The Scraping Robot team works tirelessly to bring new solutions to the ever-evolving data accumulation market.  

Does this mission resonate with you?  Contact the Sprious team to find out where there may be a “right fit” position open for you.