Scraping Robot Goes Live!

As a tech company, we at Sprious know that data is the lifeblood of the future. According to Forbes, humanity is generating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day through Google searches, social media posting, text messages, photos, and Internet of Things devices (like those new Amazon glasses that store all of your voice data while you’re wearing them).

Data is how companies both big and small are gaining consumer insights, tracking the moves of their competitors, and delivering products that are perfectly targeted to meet customers’ needs. But many of the tools designed to take advantage of Big Data are prohibitively expensive for small businesses and individuals trying to create the next big thing.

That’s why today Sprious is proud to announce the full launch of our newest product line: Scraping Robot. This intuitive, innovative data scraping service – backed by the support and infrastructure of Blazing SEO proxies and servers – is designed to provide high-quality, high-volume website data scraping at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Web scraping – also known as data extraction or data scraping – involves using a bot to pull data right out of a page’s publicly-visible HTML code. The term “scraping” comes from the fact that bots like our own Scraping Robot are “scraping away” all the excess information, leaving only the crucial insights our customers need most.

With a starting offer of 5000 free scrapes to all customers and additional scrapes priced at only $0.0018, Scraping Robot is making the value of Big Data more accessible and affordable than ever.

Unlike other data scraping software, which requires you to download a client, Scraping Robot is hosted in the cloud and launches right out of a browser-based dashboard you can find at This is in keeping with our mission to make a scraping solution that’s not only affordable, but easy for anyone to use regardless of their level of web scraping experience.

The site also has a blog post which describes the two-year history of Scraping Robot’s development. Here’s an excerpt:

“The goal was no longer to build a Swiss army knife that could magically do everything from the get-go, but rather a LEGO set that could be quickly and easily built upon.

Scraping Robot is launching with the four most common web scraping tools: an Instagram scraper, a Google scraper, an HTML scraper, and an Amazon price scraper. But off of these four modules, new features can be built. Neil’s confident that the mix of dedicated and contracted developers we’ve assembled can build any new scraper in two weeks, tops, based on the existing infrastructure.

We haven’t yet built everything. But we can build anything.”

You can read the full story by clicking here.

Finally, we’d just like to take a moment to acknowledge that this day belongs to our developers, marketers, operating team members, system administrators, and everyone else who has worked so hard to push Scraping Robot through the door after two long years of development. No matter what happens next, we are so proud of everything the entire Sprious team has managed to accomplish with this ambitious project and we can’t wait to see how it and our other product lines continue to grow over the coming years.

Click here to try Scraping Robot now and get 5000 scrapes for free!