Our future is bright! How bright? Bright enough for literal sunblock! Mark your calendars for Cancun 2021! It’s official, Sprious is going to Cancun, Mexico! 


The entire Sprious team is taking a company trip down to sunny, sandy Cancun, Mexico, for an all-inclusive group vacation where we’ll take time together to lounge, laugh, relax, and enjoy some collective time off. Bring sunglasses and a beach towel, because everything else is paid for! All the travel expenses are paid for, including airfare, hotel stay, resort activities, and the time to live life to the fullest. Because we deserve it!


Here at Sprious, we believe in empowering our team to have the freedom to enjoy time with loved ones, time to enjoy ourselves–and time for travel. We encourage all of our employees to take that time we deserve to live life however they see fit, and we support that 100%.  That freedom is one of our core values, and that’s why for our 2021 team trip, we’ll all be traveling together to meet up in November for some fun in the sun and to explore all that Cancun has to offer.


We believe in the work we do together, and that’s why we celebrate it together. We work together to be proud of what we do–so that means we take time off to enjoy it. That’s one of the values that’s integral to who we are as a company–flexible work schedules, unlimited paid time off, team trips–and celebration of what we do. 


This trip has been months in the making, and we were thrilled to finally make the official announcement at our recent all-hands meeting. Check out the big trip reveal, with our CEO Neil Emeigh doing the honors:

Our team is still growing, and that means we’ll be taking every new employee to Mexico, too! That’s right–this year in Cancun, we’ll be celebrating all of the time and work that everyone puts in, whether you’ve been with the company for multiple years or you’re just settling in.


Our US-based team will be flying into Cancun from Lincoln, Nebraska and around the US, while our global team will be coming in from around the world. Sprious is all in! We’re a US-based company with team members all over the world, and company trips are also a time for us to come together and spend quality time in person. No matter where you’re joining us from this year, mark your calendars for Cancun 2021–”it’s going to be insane!”


All aboard, employees NEW AND OLD…we’re going to Cancun!