The New Sprious Offices

October 2nd, 2018 was a special day for Sprious. On this day, our small team of 6 packed up our workstations and started working from a physical office for the first time. Up until this point, all of Sprious’ employees had been working remotely – with all meetings, questions, and interactions done via video or chat. This day gave us new things to think about: Do we have a dress code? Should we all try to work the same hours? What if someone forgets to lock the door? These questions seem so trivial now, but they were important discussion points in the transition into our first physical office space, located near 13th & N streets in downtown Lincoln.

Fast forward less than 6 months to March of 2019. We’d added 3 new team members and our once ‘open work area’ had been completely filled with workstations. How much longer could we continue to bring new talent into this space? By this point, it was apparent that Sprious’ growth could not be maintained in the current downtown Lincoln office.

As luck would have it, an office in the Sawmill building was going to be vacant in a few months. After touring the space, we absolutely fell in love with it. Neil envisioned an open-concept area where we could fit exponentially more team members as a result of our continued growth. After some back & forth on construction and demo, we were able to achieve an amazing open-air workspace with beautiful exposed brick, large windows, and a skylight up above. This was exactly what we had hoped to be able to give our employees from the beginning.

Sprious relocated to the new space in Lincoln’s Haymarket area in mid-July. It’s been a wonderful team-building adventure to add our own touches to the space to make it truly special to everyone that works here. We aim to continue to focus our efforts in providing an exceptional work environment to our employees, one where they can show up every day and live out our core values.

With a focus on our team and a desire to create a space they want to be in, we have engaged a talented architecture firm to help us inject the ethos of our culture into the space. We have already begun filling in the space with biophilic walls, plants, modern furniture, terrariums, whiteboard walls and decor to make this an environment our employees are proud to come to.

We’re proud of how far we’ve come and excited to be in a place that matches our ambitions for where we’re going.