A Blissful Family Getaway: Exploring the Slovenian Termalna Riviera Catez

Embarking on a family trip is always exciting, especially when it involves visiting the captivating Termalna Riviera Catez in Slovenia. 

Our recent four-day adventure to this idyllic destination was filled with endless fun, relaxation, and unforgettable memories. Join us as we recount our experiences in the summer and winter versions of this remarkable riviera, which catered to the diverse interests of our entire family.


Day 1: A Splendid Summer Riviera Welcome

After a four-hour journey through Croatia, we arrived just in time for lunch in Slovenia. Eager to dive into our vacation, we quickly settled into our room before venturing to the summer Riviera to escape the scorching 35-degree Celsius heat. 

The summer riviera proved to be a haven for kids of all ages, and our adventure began at the Pirate’s playground. Slides, waterfalls, and warm waters greeted us, instantly captivating the younger ones. Sara, our youngest, reveled in the joyous atmosphere, while Nina, our older daughter, sought a more thrilling adventure. Accompanied by her father, she embarked on a water mattress race, emerging victorious and utterly delighted.


Day 2: Unveiling the Winter Riviera’s Delights


The following day, we set out to explore the winter riviera after a hearty breakfast. Enveloped in a picturesque landscape adorned with palm trees, slides, and play areas, this enchanting pool area was a treasure trove for our kids. Inspired by their favorite cartoon, “Santiago of the Sea,” Nina’s excitement peaked when she spotted a pirate ship in the photos and eagerly embarked on a quest to find it. Eventually, our search led us to the magnificent Pirate ship, evoking sheer bliss in our young adventurers.



After a delightful lunch, we returned to the summer riviera, continuing our exploration of thrilling slides and engaging play areas within the Aqua park. Nina and her father fearlessly tackled a 10-meter high slide with a water mattress while Sara and I frolicked in the shallows, relishing in playful moments with a ball. 



Nina’s thirst for slide adventures seemed insatiable, and we discovered a pool with simulated waves, providing an authentic seaside experience. Right beside it stood a colossal, four-blue slide, tempting two of us to embrace its exhilarating ride.



Day 3: A Rainy Day Retreat in the Winter Riviera

As the weather took an unfavorable turn with rain showers, we found solace in knowing that there was still much to explore in the winter Riviera. Unlike typical vacation disruptions caused by inclement weather, we remained unfazed, knowing that our itinerary for the day included plenty of indoor adventures. We spent the entire day indulging in the winter riviera’s myriad slides and play areas while I treated myself to a rejuvenating Tai massage, unwinding in complete tranquility.

As we made our way back, we decided to take a pit stop at a charming shopping mall along the highway. To our delight, this shopping mall was designed like a miniature city, offering a unique experience in itself. However, the true highlight awaited us when we stumbled upon a fascinating discovery – Unicorn ice cream!


Cherished Memories and Exciting Future Plans

As we reluctantly bid farewell to the Slovenian Termalna Riviera Catez, our hearts overflowed with gratitude for the unforgettable experiences we shared as a family.

Our gratitude extended to Spriou’s Experience Stipend, which made this extraordinary journey possible. With excitement already brewing, we eagerly anticipate our next adventure in just a few months’ time. As the planning process begins anew, we can’t help but revel in the anticipation of crafting new memories, cherishing the joy and togetherness that family travel brings.