Meet our team

The Sprious team, while based in the United States, also has full-time team members on five continents (we'll get to you eventually, Australia and Antarctica!) We firmly believe that this diversity of talent and perspective, and our commitment to letting all employees have the freedom to work wherever they want, is a core part of what makes Sprious great.

United States
  • Neil is the founder of Sprious and works across all departments to develop ... (read more)
    Neil Emeigh
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Derek is an integrator who connects dots across the organization. (read more)
    Derek Knorr
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Sarah facilitates the streamlining of internal processes to ensure ... (read more)
    Sarah Ahrens
    Chief of Staff
  • Taylor manages our technical team while providing oversight for all ... (read more)
    Taylor Fleeman
    Technical Project Manager
  • Ryan provides guidance and insight based on financial data to help Sprious ... (read more)
    Ryan Goodrow
    Finance Director
  • Ben oversees our Marketing and Customer Success teams while providing ... (read more)
    Ben Emeigh
    Technical Inventory Operations Director
  • Isaac is the Digital Marketing Specialist for Sprious and its holdings. (read more)
    Isaac Coleman
    Marketing Director
  • As Sprious' Customer Success Lead, Michele works with our Customer Success ... (read more)
    Michele Johannes
    Customer Success Director
  • As an HR Recruiter for Sprious, Alissa helps to build a world-class team ... (read more)
    Alissa Rogers
    HR Recruiter
  • Jon works with our Customer Success and Account Management teams to ensure ... (read more)
    Jon Benjamin
    Technical Operations Specialist III
  • As a Technical Operations Specialist at Sprious, Kade helps ensure smooth ... (read more)
    Kade Baker
    Technical Operations Specialist I
  • As a Sales Development Representative at Sprious, Stacy uses his skills as ... (read more)
    Stacy Saythany
    Sales Manager
  • Amanda is a Marketing Specialist for Sprious' family of products. (read more)
    Amanda Lofland
    Marketing Specialist
  • Lauren brings 8 years of professional experience to the marketing ... (read more)
    Lauren Shackelford
    Brand Manager
  • Carla works closely with the Finance Director, Ryan, to prepare and review ... (read more)
    Carla Gonzalez
    Financial Analyst I
Global Team
  • Max works with Sprious' technical and leadership teams to develop the ... (read more)
    Max Gutchenko
    VP of Technology
  • Andriy is an architect of superior, scalable and flexible solutions and a ... (read more)
    Andriy Troshchuk
    Development Architect
  • Aleksey is a project manager at Sprious. (read more)
    Aleksey Kuzmenko
    Project Manager
  • Kirill is the Release Manager at Sprious. (read more)
    Kirill Burov
    Project Manager
  • Ihor is a UNIX systems administrator at Sprious, with 20 years of ... (read more)
    Ihor Michajlov
    Lead Engineer
  • Ihor is a Node. (read more)
    Ihor Vasylets
    Senior Developer
  • Vladimir is a PHP backend developer at Sprious. (read more)
    Vladimir Prokopchuk
    Senior Developer
  • Dmitriy is a system administrator at Sprious. (read more)
    Dmitriy Spivak
    Senior Engineer
  • Vasily is a techlead PHP. (read more)
    Vasily Bundzyak
    Developer III
  • Vladimir is the night shift system administrator at Sprious. (read more)
    Vladimir Poluyan
    Engineer II
  • Andrey is a linux administrator for Sprious. (read more)
    Andrey Pilipenko
    Engineer II
  • Alexander is a Linux system administrator for Sprious. (read more)
    Alexander Khalo
    Senior Engineer
  • Yeuhen is a Linux system administrator for Sprious. (read more)
    Yeuhen Yurchenko
    Engineer II
  • Oleksiy Kovtun
    UX/UI Designer
  • Vitaly Troshuk
    QA Analyst III
  • Alex is a System Administrator at Sprious. (read more)
    Oleksandr Krasovskyi
  • Nickolay is a Backend Developer at Sprious, with more than 15 years of ... (read more)
    Nickolay Chapni
  • Mikola is a Full-Stack Developer at Sprious. (read more)
    Mikola Mirchuk
    Laravel PHP Developer
  • Michael primarily works as a customer support specialist for Sprious. (read more)
    Michael Woo
    Senior Marketing Specialist
  • Muleta is a CRO Specialist at Sprious. (read more)
    Muleta Argaw
    CRO Specialist
  • Taziem is a Data Analyst at Sprious. (read more)
    Taziem Uddin
    Data Analyst
  • Jitendra is a customer support specialist at Sprious. (read more)
    Jitendra Negi
    Customer Success Operations Manager
  • Edmund is a customer support specialist who monitors and answers to ... (read more)
    Edmund James Sismundo
    Customer Success Manager
  • Irene is an enthusiastic Customer Success Representative at Sprious. (read more)
    Irene Ngati
    Customer Success Representative I
  • Darrell is a Customer Success Representative at Sprious. (read more)
    Darrell Gordon Martin
    Customer Success Representative I
  • Danah is a customer success specialist at Sprious, who provides direct ... (read more)
    Danah Regine Danlag
    Customer Success Representative I
  • Mikael works in the customer success team at Sprious, whose primary focus ... (read more)
    Mikael Fermin
    Customer Success Representative I
  • As a Finance Assistant at Sprious, Talha helps to optimize our finance ... (read more)
    Talha Khawar
    Finance Assistant