Meet our team

The Sprious Team, while based in the United States, also has offices in 3 other countries throughout the world including: India, Malaysia, and Ukraine. This diversity of talent brings forth better representation and provides our company with vital perspective in all we accomplish together

United States
  • Neil Emeigh
  • Derek Knorr
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Taylor Fleeman
    Technical Director
  • Ryan Goodrow
    Finance Director
  • Sarah Foley
    HR & Administrative Coordinator
  • Ben Emeigh
    Marketing Analyst
  • Michele Johannes
    Customer Success Lead
  • Jeremy Fitch
    Technical Support
  • Isaac Coleman
    Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Georgie Myers
    Administrative Assistant
Global Team
  • Andriy Troshchuk
    Development Architect
  • Aleksey Kuzmenko
    Project Manager
  • Kirill Burov
    Release Manager
  • Anton Gulchevsky
    System Administrator
  • Ihor Michajlov
    System Administrator
  • Maksym Maliuga
    System Administrator
  • Dmitriy Spivak
    System Administrator
  • Aleksandr Golubenko
    System Administrator
  • Oleg Romanyuk
    System Administrator
  • Vladimir Poluyan
    Night Shift Engineer
  • Vasily Bundzyak
    Techlead PHP
  • Ihor Vasylets
    Software Developer
  • Vladimir Prokopchuk
    Software Developer
  • Dmitry Shashev
    Frontend Developer
  • Oleksiy Kovtun
    UX/UI Designer
  • Vitaly Troshuk
    QA Analyst
  • Michael Woo
    SEO Analyst/Customer Support
  • Jitendra Negi
    Customer Support
  • Edmund James Sismundo
    Customer Support