A romantic honeymoon trip to Thailand!

After getting married, my wife Ritu and I went on a trip to Thailand. We took an early morning flight on December 15th and arrived in Phuket on the same day. From there, we headed to Krabi in a cab. The scenery on the way to Krabi was really beautiful, and we weren’t too far from the sea. We did take a stop to eat something and the restaurant had a really nice calm view of the sea.


The local markets in Krabi were lively, but they weren’t overly crowded, which made the experience enjoyable. The beauty of the place was also evident during the nighttime. On the second day, we went on an island tour on a wooden boat, visiting 3-4 small islands. The first island surprised us with a beautiful lizard, and the beach itself was stunning, featuring small caves. I was surprised at how calm the lizard was in the midst of so many people.

After that, we explored Chicken Island, took some pictures on the boat as it was not a stop for us, and moved on to the next destination for snorkeling and a bit of swimming. The water in almost every beach we saw was so clean. We then headed to our final stop, where we had lunch, did some sightseeing, and returned to our hotels. The night view of Krabi was amazing, and strolling along the beach became one of my favorite memories.

The next day, we traveled to Phuket by road, and the drive took about three hours. Before reaching our hotel, we visited the Big Buddha temple located on top of a hill, offering breathtaking views. 

We also went to another viewpoint, Karon Viewpoint, which wasn’t crowded and had an incredible view. The place was really worth spending some time. Following that, we visited Karon Beach, which turned out to be my best swimming experience among all the beaches in Thailand.

In the evening, we explored the local market, which was beautiful but crowded due to the weekend. There were street performances and street food, though taking pictures was a bit challenging because of the crowd. Fortunately, we managed to capture some amazing shots the next day when it was less crowded. Interestingly, it seemed like people there preferred cats over dogs, as cats in the shops were a common sight. A couple of pics from that evening:

The following day, we went on a Phi Phi Island tour on a bigger boat. The first island, Monkey Beach, was a small beach inhabited by monkeys and really had nothing else to see. Then, we visited another island for snorkeling and swimming before moving on to yet another island for lunch. Finally, we reached Maya Bay Island, the most beautiful location of our entire trip.It was different from other places as it didn’t have a proper beach, and swimming was not allowed.

Here is a short video highlight of my trip. The best part about the place was its friendly people, confirming that Thailand is indeed very tourist-friendly. Looking back, our trip to Thailand was filled with beautiful sights, friendly locals, and unforgettable experiences that we’ll remember for a long time.