And’s Trip to Carpathian Mountains

That year, autumn was special. The leaves seemed like golden coins scattered across roads leading us to the Carpathians, where nature still held its last warm days before winter. Our journey began not on major highways but with the warm embraces of friendly meetings in Ternopil, a city that became the gateway to our adventure.

Day One: A Gift of Fate

Arriving at our friends’ in Ternopil was filled with the joy of reunion and jokes flying from mouth to mouth like feathers. The night promised to be fun, and dinner at a local restaurant added sparks to our friendly conversation. Suddenly, noticing the waiters carrying a cake and singing “Happy Birthday” at the next table, I decided to play a prank on a friend. Telling the waiters it was his birthday, I gifted him a moment filled with laughter and joy as the entire room applauded and he blushed from surprise and embarrassment.

Day Two: Spheres, Tubs, and Losses Under the Rain

The journey to the Carpathians was like diving into another world, where houses shaped like spheres welcomed us as if from a fairy tale.

The first thing we did upon arrival was to plunge into hot tubs. The warmth of the water, the wine, and relaxation all merged into one.


The evening by the fire with meat on the grill, under the sounds of an unexpected rain, became a test for our forgetfulness: a power bank and a speaker were lost. But the spirit of adventure did not leave us, and we headed to a spherical house to properly end the day, destroying three bottles of whiskey with food prepared on the grill.

Day Three: Headache and Alpacas

Waking up in the morning was marked by a headache, as if our heads were about to explode. But stepping outside, we were greeted by alpacas,

which seemed to bring healing with their cute faces. After breakfast,

we moved to another house we had previously booked, which amazed us with its atmosphere of an old horror movie, standing alone on the top of a mountain as a harbinger of adventures.

Day Four: Mountain Peaks and Home Comfort

Returning home, where local cuisine

and movies with popcorn awaited us, was like a reward for the day’s efforts.

Day Five: Off-Road Adventure and Tequila Party

On the fifth day, our adventure took a new turn;

an SUV brought us to the top of a mountain,

where we spent the entire day, absorbing the beauty and freshness of the Carpathian peaks. The evening turned into a tequila party with dancing and laughter, where each of us sought the limits of our capabilities, and some even found refuge on a bench under the open sky.

Day Six: Quad Bikes and the Search for Firewood

The next day brought new challenges – a mountain journey on quad bikes,

which ended with an evening by the fireplace. But when the firewood ran out, we had to go meet the neighbors, turning that evening into yet another page of our memories.

Day Seven: Farewell to the Mountains

On the last day, packing our things and hearts full of memories,

we set off home. On the way, we stopped at a small waterfall, as if saying goodbye to the Carpathians. Stopping in a historical town,

we closed the circle of our journey, filled with adventures, friendship, and unforgettable impressions that will warm us until the next autumn.