Irene’s family trip to Mombasa

Since having my son last year June, I have pretty much been around home. Fatigue was kicking in, so I decided to take a relaxing break away from home and travel to Mombasa. This would also be my son’s first trip, and I was super excited. Mombasa, nestled along the Kenyan coastline, is a destination renowned for its idyllic beaches and unparalleled natural beauty. Picture yourself strolling barefoot along the shoreline, feeling the soft sand beneath your feet and the warm sun kissing your skin…. yes, that is what I was chasing.

I decided to take the train from Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, where I stay, for the trip to Mombasa. When you ride on the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), you get to appreciate the Kenyan landscape and vegetation. The scenery is breathtaking as one can view animals from the comfort of their seats, landscape is also great as climate changes from cold Nairobi to tropical Mombasa. We spotted elephants, zebras, and gazelles when passing through Tsavo National Parks. So, in addition, you get a free game “drive”. However, with the high speed, one can only catch a glimpse, and taking a picture is close to impossible.

The journey to Mombasa, was 6 hours long! We arrived on the afternoon of valentine’s day and our 4 nights stay in Mombasa began at Prideinn Flamingo resort. I loved the hotel’s architecture, a combination of traditional Swahili, colonial Portuguese styles from the 16th century and modern Islamic designs. The resort is situated on the beachfront, offering guests direct access to the pristine white sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean.

Also, did I mention it was an all-inclusive resort. The culinary offerings were truly remarkable. While I could opt for pizza and chips at the snack bar for lunch if I desired, there was consistently a varied array of freshly prepared dishes to choose from as well. Whether craving Italian, English, or Kenyan cuisine, there was an abundance of options available.

As I was travelling with my 7-month-old baby, going out of the hotel to explore Mombasa town would have been hectic for him so I spent my time within the resort for the time I was there. The grounds of the whitewashed hotel were lush. An irregularly shaped blue pool was surrounded by palm trees and beautiful tropical, which attracted all sorts of wildlife. Beautiful butterflies the size of small birds fluttered past. Proud, attractive exotic birds perched in the trees. And then there were the monkeys that were often seen in the late afternoon jumping from tree to tree in the hotel grounds.

There were many activities to participate in at the hotel such as beach volleyball to aqua aerobics to water activities like kite surfing and snorkeling. Out on the beach are a number of Boranas and Samburus (Kenya tribesmen) who hire out camels for a ride on the sandy beach for a small fee. This gives a feeling of traversing a desert with exception of plenty of salty water and cool air caressing your skin while you are at it.

Another memorable experience was taking long walks on the sea bed during low tide leading to an incredible discovery of marine life nestled in shallow, warm water pools simply by walking around. Beach boys were always nearby to offer assistance if you were hesitant to venture out alone, as was the case for me!

All in all, I had such a relaxing and special time with my son. I brought along his nanny just to help me out when I needed some “me time”, giving me opportunity to meditate on what I would want to accomplish this year!

We flew back to Nairobi and had the chance to spot the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa which is in our neighbouring country, Tanzania. Thank you Sprious for this wonderful Provision!