Meet Isaac Coleman!

Sprious’ new Digital Marketing Specialist introduces himself in his own words

Hi, everybody! My name’s Isaac Coleman and I’m the newest member of the team here at Sprious. As the company’s Digital Marketing Specialist, I’ll be helping to maintain our blogs, social media, and a lot of the forward-facing aspects of the company. And since you found this post because you follow either our blog or our Facebook account, anyone reading this is likely to see a lot more of me, or at least read a lot more from me, in the near future.

Our president, Neil, likes to think of Sprious as a family. If that’s the case, I’m definitely the baby, because in addition to being the newest member of the team I’m also the youngest. “Young” is generally considered a good thing for a marketer to be, because it means we’re in touch with (marketing professor voice) yOuTh CuLtUrE and the ever-desirable millennial generation, or at least we would be if anyone could agree on how old millennials are or what they’re like or whether you can even market to them at all.

A lot of people have a low opinion of marketers, because we’re seen as professional liars. But maybe if I make up tell you some true facts about myself, you all will start to trust me a little more.

If you look up free commercial-use stock photos relating to “lying marketer”, this is the 8th result. Which is weird, because I would trust whatever this thing is with my life.

Who I Am

I was born on the Kansas side of Kansas City, which is the best side, at least according to people on the Kansas side. People outside of the American Midwest generally only know Kansas as the sepia-toned location featured in the first 30 minutes of The Wizard of Oz. This gives them a very inaccurate picture of what the state is actually like. For example, we had color installed years ago.

From a young age, I’ve been in love with writing in all its forms. Here you can read a short science fiction story I wrote that was published in Amygdala Magazine. It’s about how we’re all going to die. Here you can play a text-based videogame I scripted. It was described as “completely unhinged” by reviewers.

You might think I’m sharing those links as some kind of self-promotion, but don’t worry: I won’t make a cent off of either of those products should you choose to download them. As it turns out, making money purely off of creative writing is a feat just this side of impossible, and since I’m a big fan of things like “eating” and “paying rent” I eventually decided it was time for a career change. I took a job in “SEO content writing”, even though I had no idea what that meant at the time. And that’s how my life changed forever.

A normal day in my Kansas-based childhood.

What I Do

Many years after that first SEO job, I’m now a fully-formed digital marketing specialist. That means I do a little bit of everything: I write blog posts (obviously), I help with social media, I make sure our websites are optimized to rank highly in search engine results, I perform customer and influencer outreach. My main goal is to create on-page content for all our websites that’s 10 times better than the content produced by our competitors. 

To achieve this goal, I’ll need to do things like avoid writing duplicate content, use proper H2 and H1 tag formatting, avoid writing duplicate content, provide alt-text and optimized titles for all images, avoid writing duplicate content, use keywords, avoid writing duplicate content, make sure our websites are providing real value to our users, avoid writing duplicate content, and try not to use long, rambling run-on sentences that stretch on to the length of a full paragraph.

To my knowledge, my job involves somewhere between zero and negative-one road signs. I would LOVE to know who made this stock image, and why they made it.

What I Believe In

In case you can’t tell, I love my work. It allows me to combine my passion for all things technical with my love for creative expression. In the past five years or so, the digital marketing landscape has undergone a massive shift in focus. Once, the best way to get people to visit your website was to use “black hat” SEO techniques like stuffing pages full of keywords or spamming backlinks. Now, the focus is mostly on creating high quality content that actually provides value to the people who use your website.

Yes, President Neil is the one who signs my paychecks. But as far as I’m concerned, I work for you. Our readers and customers. I want to make sure anyone who can benefit from great proxy and server service finds products that work for them. I want to make sure companies that are looking to improve their capacity for data analysis at the cheapest price on the market get connected with our one-of-a-kind Scraping Robot. It may sound corny (ha ha, corn-y, it’s funny because we’re located in Nebraska), but I believe in Sprious’ mission of crafting unique, life-enriching companies. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have chosen to work here.

I said I wasn’t going to lie to you all, so here’s the truth: I’m really excited to become a part of the Sprious family.

I’m really excited to return to the Midwest, even if the barbecue in Lincoln is nowhere near as good as it is in Kansas City.

And I’m really excited about the projects we’re rolling out through the rest of this year.

(Most of all, I’m excited to avoid writing duplicate content.)