Muleta’s wife birthday in Addis Ababa: A Memorable birthday

During my time with this company, I have had the opportunity to participate in my second stipend experience. As Addis Ababa is the capital city of our country Ethiopia, we had the chance to visit and have a time in. Still, in the near past years, the movement of our capital has been hot. Different projects, parks, hotels, and refreshing areas have been done, so I decided to do my second stipend experience in Addis Ababa, a skylight hotel.

I was excited to make the most of this experience and learn as much as possible. My wife’s birthday happened to fall during the time we had planned to be in Addis Ababa so made it part of my experience. Despite this, we decided to continue our plans and enjoy our time in the city together. When I first arrived in Addis Ababa for my stipend program, I was immediately captivated by Ethiopia’s capital city’s vibrant energy and I was struck by the warmth and hospitality of our people, which is always a pleasant experience.

Upon arrival, it was time for lunch, so we decided to head to a newly opened Islamic restaurant. The restaurant was perfect for us, as we prefer to sit in a ‘Mejlis’ rather than at a regular dining table, which is part of our culture. After lunch, we had our cultural coffee with it ceremony and got satisfied.

I had planned to surprise my wife for her birthday by taking her to the Skylight Hotel, one of the newest and most luxurious hotels in Ethiopia. I went to the hotel reception to reserve a dinner and order her a birthday cake. My wife is a simple girl who loves sweets and enjoys food, so I knew she would be happy with this surprise. She also likes to receive gifts from me, so I was excited to see her reaction. We had been waiting for this day for a long time, and I was tired of waiting. When we finally arrived at the hotel, my wife was happy all day but her happiness was unique here. She jumped over my neck, her eyes tears with excitement. This was all that I wanted to see, her happiness.

She told me that she wished we could spend some time alone on the hotel terrace, which was fully natural and breathtaking. I knew that the day was her day she could wish for whatever I could do, so I took her there and we enjoyed the beautiful view. I felt blessed to have her and we shared many kisses. After that, we had dinner and the waiters surprised my wife with her birthday cake. They sang her the birthday song and she was very happy. It was a perfect day and I was glad that I could make her birthday special.

The upcoming days will be dedicated to shopping for some household items. We will be welcoming the month of Ramadan, which is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar and one of the most sacred times for Muslims. During this month, it is believed that the Holy Qur’an was sent down from heaven “as a guidance for men and women, a declaration of direction, and a means of salvation.” So, to warmly welcome this much-awaited month, it is customary to renew houses and household staff. Therefore, we have planned to purchase some staff from Addis Ababa. Additionally, our last day of stay will be reserved for a family greeting called ‘Ziyarah’ in Arabic. This is one of the rules in Islam, and it is obligatory to do so, particularly in countries like Ethiopia, where there is a strong social attachment. So as per our plan we did all that we planned. Especially our family time was great and memorable.

“We had an amazing experience during our stay and received a stipend for it. We cannot fully describe the joy we experienced. Not only did we have fun, but we also gained valuable lessons, experience, and motivation. We are grateful to Rayobyte for giving us this opportunity to learn and grow.”


I hope to share many more years of experience with you all!