My Extra Special Birthday Experience Stipend

My Extra Special Birthday Experience Stipend

I turned 34 this year! My 2022 had a very rough start but Sprious transformed all of that. I found Sprious in Upwork and joined in February, and only six months after I became eligible for the company’s Experience Stipend! 

Yes – in only 6 months! In most companies, this takes at least a year! Experience Stipend is just one of the perks one can enjoy working with at Sprious.

“Do what you’ll love, and you’ll never work another day in your life”, frankly has been my experience so far with Sprious. My mind is honestly blown by how quickly time passes these last 8 months I’ve been here. 

More than the stipend, I very much enjoy working with a very supportive and understanding team and would say I am precisely where I would want to be professionally for many many more years to come. 

The company has allowed me to excel in my skills and it has exceeded my expectations for what I wanted to achieve in my career today. #empowerment core value

Now, about my stipend experience 🙂

The plan originally for my experience stipend was to go out with the kids to an amusement park, eat great food, maybe watch a movie then have dinner. But with the threat of Covid still out there for the kids, we decided it’s best to throw a small party with select family members and friends. Besides, two of my kids also just had their birthdays this month (I share the same birth month with two of my children), so there was absolutely no way throwing a party was not going to be our next choice! 😀 


First of all, a huge shoutout to my wife who handled all the errands to make this day possible for me. Thank you for making my life so wonderful. 

I usually don’t celebrate my birthday much but I believe a lot of good things happened to me this year to be thankful for and Sprious allowed me to celebrate it extra special. 

The Experience Stipend allowed me to pay for our food, and rent this small private pool for 24 hours while only shelling out so little from my own pocket! #freedom cove value

We invited a few close friends, family members, and a few of my wife’s coworkers. It was great seeing everyone have fun, especially the kids who hadn’t been out most of the time because of the pandemic. 

The food was fantastic – oh boy just look at that roasted pig! 

The resort is in a rural area and because we had karaoke, we sang until our lungs gave out the whole night and nobody bugged us 🙂 Oh boy, I was so intoxicated 😀 

Thank you Sprious, or should I now say Rayobyte? — for giving me the best birthday one could ask for. I thank my Rayobyte family for your passion and support to everyone. I also thank the Universe or whatever higher power exists, that guided me to find you. I hope to share many many more years of experience with you all!