My First International Trip: Bangkok, Thailand

My recent visit to the city capital of Thailand left a lasting mark on my soul! When I learned that Danah planned to go to Thailand, I decided to go join her right away. The process of getting everything booked (plane tickets, tour package, river cruise, etc.) was a bit scary and risky as I still had to pass through the Philippines’ Immigration before I could actually set foot on non-Philippine soil. However, I made sure I had all the documents necessary and confirmed bookings ready to seal my departure. Amazingly, my first international trip was granted swiftly by a Philippine Immigration officer!

Traveling with family or a friend can transform an ordinary trip into an extraordinary adventure. That’s precisely what happened when Danah and I embarked on a thrilling journey to Bangkok, Thailand. Our trip was a whirlwind of vibrant markets, serene temples, delectable street food, and unforgettable memories.

As we stepped off the plane and into the bustling Suvarnabhumi Airport, our excitement reached its peak. Danah and I have kept talking about this trip since months ago! We couldn’t wait to immerse ourselves in the sights, sounds, and flavors of this incredible city.

One of our first stops was the iconic Grand Palace, a place that encapsulates the grandeur of Thailand’s history and culture. The intricate architecture and dazzling colors of the temples took our breath away. Danah and I marveled at the stunning Emerald Buddha, which radiated an aura of tranquility.

Next, we decided to experience Bangkok from a different perspective by taking a boat tour along the Chao Phraya River. As we glided on the water, we were treated to a picturesque view of the city’s skyline, with modern skyscrapers on one side and traditional stilt houses on the other. It was a visual feast, and we couldn’t help but snap countless photos to capture the contrast.

One of the highlights of our trip was undoubtedly the street food scene in Bangkok. Danah and I are both avid foodies, and we were on a mission to savor as many Thai delicacies as possible. From the moment we tasted our first pad Thai and mango sticky rice, our taste buds were in a state of bliss. But it wasn’t just about the food; it was the experience of eating a different cuisine in the actual country where it originated from.

As night descended upon Bangkok, Danah and I wanted to experience a vibrant nightlife. The night markets, with their colorful stalls and lively atmosphere, made for a thrilling shopping spree where we discovered unique souvenirs and local handicrafts.

But amidst the bustling city, we found moments of tranquility and reflection at Wat Pho Temple. The sight of the reclining Buddha, covered in a golden sheen, left us in awe. The temple’s serene ambiance and spiritual aura provided a stark contrast to the city’s hustle and bustle.

Our journey through Bangkok with Danah was a remarkable adventure filled with laughter, discovery, and the joy of shared experiences. The city’s seamless blend of tradition and modernity, its culinary delights, and the warmth of its people made our trip unforgettable. As we bid farewell to this enchanting city, Danah and I knew that our relationship as cousines as well as co-workers had grown stronger through our shared exploration of the magic of Bangkok. We left with hearts full of gratitude and a promise to return someday to create even more cherished memories with friends and family in this captivating corner of the world. 

It was truly an unforgettable trip, Sprious. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience!